Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 8 2018

Clues Answers
A freshwater fish TENCH
Bitchiness or malice SPITE
Casualty or prey VICTIM
Composition for an orchestra SYMPHONY
Correctional institution PRISON
Crabwise, at an angle SIDEWAYS
Definite, categorical POSITIVE
Edible tuber POTATO
Entreat BEG
Fabric from flax LINEN
Fastened by sewing STITCHED
First lady EVE
Giving up work RETIRING
Grasses at river’s edge REEDS
Highest point of a mountain SUMMIT
It signals surrender WHITEFLAG
JFK and Charles de Gaulle, say AIRPORTS
Large steel towers PYLONS
Clues Answers
Man-made lake to store water RESERVOIR
One has specialist knowledge EXPERT
One lives nearby NEIGHBOUR
One steals THIEF
Pass away DIE
Producing the desired result EFFECTIVE
Recorded visual image VIDEO
Remove mud from a riverbed DREDGE
Serving vessels DISHES
Showing extreme courage HEROIC
Small item of cutlery TEASPOON
Soil or planet EARTH
Solemn promise PLEDGE
Story from long ago LEGEND
Sweet carbonated drink LEMONADE
Theme, subject TOPIC
Thrusting weapons SWORDS
Woodland fairy ELF

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