Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 9 2018

Clues Answers
American whiskey BOURBON
Brass instrument TROMBONE
Capacity for rational thought REASON
Challenge to do something dangerous DARE
Channel of communication MEDIUM
Deep gorge CANYON
Dutch painter renowned for his use of light VERMEER
Examination, trial TEST
Extremely delicate and light, not of this world ETHEREAL
Filled, inspired with ideals IMBUED
Functional, handy USEFUL
High-speed projectile BULLET
It’s used to examine the ear OTOSCOPE
Large richly coloured butterfly EMPEROR
Naturally disposed toward TENDING
Neat and tidy tree? SPRUCE
Clues Answers
Nicaraguan president ORTEGA
Numerous and often varied MULTIPLE
Of theatre and acting DRAMATIC
One hires staff EMPLOYER
Political philosophy supporting the rights of ordinary people against the elite POPULISM
Regular news up-date BULLETIN
Rough calculation ESTIMATE
Rounds of applause OVATIONS
Scene of uproar and disorder BEDLAM
Seventh planet from the sun URANUS
Sharp tips on a stem THORNS
Soldier trained to carry out dangerous raids COMMANDO
Stir eggs vigorously SCRAMBLE
They live in colonies ANTS
Units of play in tennis SETS
Wholesome and substantial, meal say HEARTY

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