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Irish Times (Simplex) – March 1 2019

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Clues Answers
A narcotic drug OPIATE
A smaller amount of LESS
Acid in tea and wine TANNIC
Chew the fat NATTER
Cooks in an oven ROASTS
Device to receive or transmit radio waves AERIAL
Difficult to find or catch ELUSIVE
East African republic TANZANIA
Empty, unoccupied VACANT
Eucharist for the dying VIATICUM
Giving a false appearance of frankness ARTFUL
Healthcare facility CLINIC
Heated argument or disagreement QUARREL
Insubstantial or not of this world ETHEREAL
It hinders advance OBSTACLE
Lodging for military personnel BILLET
Make uneasy or cause to be worried PERTURB
Maker and seller of hats MILLINER
Mardi Gras, for example CARNIVAL
Napoleon’s island of exile ELBA
Of the part between the neck and abdomen THORACIC
Oriental pipe HOOKAH
Pass around the snakes ASPS
Racing bird PIGEON
Safeguards PROTECTS
Seem, look APPEAR
Staircase railing BANISTER
Superlatively good BEST
Swiss dish of melted cheese and jacket potatoes RACLETTE
Trustworthy, dependable RELIABLE
Wise and trusted advisors MENTORS