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Irish Times (Simplex) – March 12 2019

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Clues Answers
Allot or ascribe ASSIGN
Amorous Italian adventurer CASANOVA
Armed revolt against authority RISING
At high volume LOUDLY
Australian arboreal marsupials KOALAS
Beneficial in providing a lesson SALUTARY
Compulsively concerned with something OBSESSED
Definite, categorical POSITIVE
Exchange for money SELL
Foolishness, silliness NONSENSE
Hazy or indistinct image BLUR
Highly-decorated glazed earthenware MAJOLICA
Hill of the US Congress CAPITOL
It’s used to examine the ear OTOSCOPE
Land of Bordeaux and Burgundy FRANCE
Lento, in music SLOWLY
Light rowing boats SKIFFS
New sproutings SHOOTS
Old name for Chennai MADRAS
One causes damage to subvert SABOTEUR
Pleasure boats YACHTS
Poorer in quality INFERIOR
Smoothed with heat IRONED
Social climber or wise guy UPSTART
Soft thin paper in layers TISSUE
Sternly, gravely SEVERELY
System of electronic credit transfer GIRO
Tester of chemicals on metal ASSAYER
Units of work or energy ERGS
Unselfish concern for others ALTRUISM
Unusually large or great IMMENSE