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Irish Times (Simplex) – March 19 2019

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Clues Answers
”The … Cometh” (Eugene O’Neill) ICEMAN
A short, pithy saying APHORISM
Arouse hostility ALIENATE
Break free, get away ESCAPE
Canopy for shelter AWNING
Did what one was told OBEYED
Doghouse KENNEL
Electrically-charged particles IONS
Exclamation of discovery EUREKA
Flower and part of the eye IRIS
Foreshadowing something bad OMINOUS
Hold back RESTRAIN
Instruments for taking altitude in navigation and surveying SEXTANTS
Intolerant, prejudiced people BIGOTS
It’s used to rescue people at sea LIFEBOAT
Large tracts of level open land PLAINS
Laughing in a silly way GIGGLING
Layer, row TIER
More comical FUNNIER
Most extreme, greatest UTMOST
On the loose, at liberty ATLARGE
Orthodox Christian church based in Egypt COPTIC
Piece of music for piano SONATA
Removed invasive, unwanted plants WEEDED
Series of planned actions to achieve a goal CAMPAIGN
Social pariah OUTCAST
Solid, real CONCRETE
Swinging blow from below aimed at the chin UPPERCUT
They assume power illegally USURPERS
Vertical posts or stakes UPRIGHTS
With no constraints FREEREIN