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Irish Times (Simplex) – March 21 2019

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Clues Answers
”All the perfumes of … will not sweeten this little hand” (Lady Macbeth) ARABIA
Alters, makes right AMENDS
Based on the number 10 DECIMAL
Bigger, greater LARGER
Casual, not official INFORMAL
Combined to form a single entity MERGED
Conscientious and careful DILIGENT
Crustacean and goose BARNACLE
Decorous, dignified SEEMLY
Felt or caused to feel anxious or troubled WORRIED
Glided over surfaces SKATED
Indigenous NATIVE
Invertebrate such as a snail MOLLUSC
It’s corrosive ACID
Long indoor seats SETTEES
Looked at, inspected VIEWED
Loose Japanese robe KIMONO
Make a whimpering noise MEWL
Messy smear caused by rubbing SMUDGE
Military signal to wake up REVEILLE
One cannot have babies MALE
One uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems ENGINEER
Open and responsive to suggestion AMENABLE
Over-simple, superficial FACILE
Owing money or gratitude INDEBTED
Prevail upon PERSUADE
Shy and fond of being on one’s own RETIRING
Small island ISLE
Tapering stone pillars OBELISKS
The study of wine making OENOLOGY
They’re canonised SAINTS
Words made from the initials of others ACRONYMS