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Irish Times (Simplex) – March 23 2019

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Clues Answers
Alarm, apprehension DISMAY
Amidst AMONG
Area or region DISTRICT
Assault, attack ASSAIL
At a future time LATER
Benchmarks, norms STANDARDS
Boat built to withstand great flood ARK
Book of fiction NOVEL
Considered in proportion to something else RELATIVE
Demanding or stimulating situation CHALLENGE
Dieters count them CALORIES
Exceptional, one-off SINGULAR
Felt concern or interest CARED
Gained through work EARNED
Gives rise to CAUSES
Humble, not pretentious or showy MODEST
Item for auction LOT
Laughter is said to be the best one MEDICINE
Looking back with fondness to the past NOSTALGIA
More pleasant NICER
Movement towards a goal PROGRESS
Not enough to meet demand SCARCE
Observe the bishop’s domain SEE
Portable platform for storing or moving goods PALLET
Remove cargo UNLOAD
Rising step STAIR
Set fire to IGNITE
Should, had better OUGHT
Take with you BRING
The Nutcracker or Giselle, say BALLET
Tint, shade HUE
Trembling poplars ASPENS
Turkish capital ANKARA
Unconditional, downright ABSOLUTE
Wholly and completely ENTIRELY