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Irish Times (Simplex) – March 25 2019

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Clues Answers
Abuse verbally REVILE
Arranged into groups SORTED
Arrive COME
Atoll and skimpy swimsuit BIKINI
Bluish-white metallic element ZINC
Bony framework SKELETON
Causes to become perplexed and confused BEWILDERS
Combining to form one substance MIXING
Denigrate, slander DEFAME
Diffident, faint-hearted TIMID
Dreaded FEARED
Emitted in the form of rays or waves RADIATED
Explosion of air through the nose SNEEZE
Flowers for strange faeries FREESIA
Frightened SCARED
Indoor spaces ROOMS
It’s blue and white NILE
Joined into one UNITED
Least risky SAFEST
Likely to act without considering the consequences IMPULSIVE
Listlessness, lethargy LASSITUDE
More unsightly UGLIER
Period of celebration FESTIVAL
Prudence and temperance, say VIRTUES
Range of hills RIDGE
Repay a person who has spent or lost money REIMBURSE
Rough, bumpy UNEVEN
Russian mountain range URAL
Set down in permanent form RECORD
Shackleton or Amundsen, say EXPLORER
Store of historical artefacts MUSEUM
Symbol worn, to indicate membership perhaps BADGE
Tenders OFFERS
The game that determines the series winner DECIDER
They follow causes EFFECTS