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Irish Times (Simplex) – March 30 2019

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Clues Answers
Ancient nation on the Nile EGYPT
Broad mouths of rivers ESTUARIES
Busy insects ANTS
Concurred, assented AGREED
Declaring that something is the case ATTESTING
Ecstatically happy ELATED
Everything that exists UNIVERSE
Excessively, unreasonably UNDULY
Game in which a wooden ball is hit through hoops CROQUET
Have enormous respect for REVERE
Hole for a shoelace EYELET
Lend a hand ASSIST
Most recent LATEST
No longer in force, inactive DEFUNCT
Oddly, the Egyptian queen is an entire fit NEFERTITI
One makes leather goods for horses SADDLER
One of four periods SEASON
Platform for actors STAGE
Relating to the countryside RURAL
Reread work to improve knowledge REVISE
Revoke a former declaration RECANT
Shields from danger PROTECTS
Small rounded bread ROLL
State of perfect bliss ECSTASY
Struck lightly with the palm of the hand PATTED
Subtracted DEDUCTED
Sudden forward thrusts of the body LUNGES
Temporary break from work RECESS
To the time that UPTO
Toy replicas of humans DOLLS
US five-cent piece NICKEL
US Upper House SENATE
Woodworker CARPENTER
Word of warning BEWARE
Young horse FOAL