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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 1 2018

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Clues Answers
”All the … are brown” (California Dreamin’) LEAVES
”Much … About Nothing” (Shakespeare) ADO
A better than even chance ODDSON
A Korean martial art TAEKWONDO
Apparent thought transference TELEPATHY
Ardent love DEVOTION
Audible demonstration of approval APPLAUSE
Bars temporarily, from school say SUSPENDS
Basic structural units of all organisms CELLS
Came to an end CEASED
Casino worker CROUPIER
Chubby, fat PLUMP
Circumvent, dodge EVADE
Device attached to the cartridge of a record player STYLUS
Evening repast SUPPER
Fibre used as a back-scrub LOOFAH
For this reason THEREFORE
Clues Answers
Freshwater duck WIGEON
Liquid from fruit or vegetable JUICE
Lower garments SKIRTS
Modifier of a noun ADJECTIVE
Most ridiculous SILLIEST
Nightclub with recorded music DISCO
Not a soul NOONE
Noticed or remarked OBSERVED
Of the mind MENTAL
Offers for consideration PROPOSES
Pastoral or agricultural RURAL
Pertaining to oneself PERSONAL
Pixie, imp ELF
Pronoun SHE
Travel through the air FLY
Wanders off course STRAYS
Workplace for production of film, say STUDIO