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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 1 2019

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Clues Answers
Accumulated wealth, might be buried TREASURE
Activities to develop a skill EXERCISES
Alarmed suddenly STARTLED
Alarmed, fearful AFRAID
As a consequence THEREFORE
As much as required ENOUGH
Assistant to handle correspondence SECRETARY
Australian marsupial KANGAROO
City road STREET
Correct, precise ACCURATE
Declare null and void CANCEL
Develop into something BECOME
Ditches filled with water as fortifications FOSSES
Egged on URGED
Excellent, glorious SPLENDID
Fly that transmits sleeping sickness TSETSE
Large containers for rubbish SKIPS
Large, sturdy box with a lid CHEST
Legal possessor OWNER
Like one more than another PREFER
Make visible or obvious EXPOSE
Mischievous fairy IMP
One who takes a pessimistic view of human goodness or sincerity CYNIC
Perpendicular VERTICAL
Prediction, about the weather perhaps FORECAST
Single seat CHAIR
Strong feelings EMOTIONS
Tearing into thin strips SHREDDING
The conscious mind EGO
Tree for Irishmen FIR
Vista, panorama ASPECT
Ways out EXITS
Went by push-bike CYCLED
Woodland fairy ELF