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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 10 2019

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Clues Answers
Abound, swarm with TEEM
Achieve with effort ATTAIN
Austrian composer and child prodigy MOZART
Briefcase or diplomat ATTACHE
Cold Spanish soup GAZPACHO
Company of clowns and acrobats CIRCUS
Cut lines into with acid ETCH
Drifters with no apparent means of support VAGRANTS
French town of pilgrimage LOURDES
Friendly nations ALLIES
Harmony, agreement ACCORD
In the middle of two or more AMONGST
Jane Austen novel EMMA
Keep in check RESTRAIN
Large conurbations CITIES
Mass book MISSAL
Meal outdoors PICNIC
Mollusc with firmly-closed shell CLAM
Moveable bar in a compass NEEDLE
Praised enthusiastically EXTOLLED
Predict an event FORECAST
Prickly rodent HEDGEHOG
Protection or exemption from IMMUNITY
Rambles on a winding course MEANDERS
Reach a destination ARRIVE
Renegade, traitor TURNCOAT
Small wheel on furniture CASTOR
Stately old court dances MINUETS
Steering clear of AVOIDING
Structure carrying a road, railway etc. BRIDGE
Teacher, lecturer EDUCATOR
Unbecoming, impolite UNSEEMLY