Irish Times (Simplex) – May 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘I will … and go now’ (Yeats) ARISE
All of one’s assets after death ESTATE
Alleviated, lightened RELIEVED
Appointed to a duty or task ASSIGNED
Burn on the surface SCORCH
Concerning the self PERSONAL
Demanding obedience or close observance of rules STRICT
Emit low rumbling sounds GROWL
Had forty feline winks CATNAPPED
It can be made by a court of law AWARD
Join two ropes by weaving the strands of one into the other SPLICE
Justifying explanation EXCUSE
Loud, harsh noise DIN
Meander, ramble about WANDER
Mongrel dog CUR
Most unclean DIRTIEST
Moving staircase ESCALATOR
Officials to ensure fair play REFEREES
Offspring or edition ISSUE
On one’s own ALONE
One is from Tokyo, say JAPANESE
Point at a target AIM
Precisely accurate EXACT
Round crisp fruits APPLES
She’s about to be married BRIDE
Short?accounts of incidents ANECDOTES
Sleep-like, half-conscious state TRANCE
Small purple plum DAMSON
Soulful or amorous ROMANTIC
Speaking without preparation ADLIBBING
Tense, nervous ONEDGE
They’re not inclined to exert themselves IDLERS
Two or more PLURAL
Very sure, certain POSITIVE
White garment worn by a priest ALB
Word or expression used in a figurative way TROPE

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