Irish Times (Simplex) – May 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
21dn with high mortality PLAGUE
A sharp pointed summit PEAK
All the colours of the rainbow SPECTRUM
Arboreal rodent SQUIRREL
Container for salt CELLAR
Delicately complex or understated SUBTLE
Describes clothes that barely cover the body SKIMPY
Desire, craving APPETITE
Emblem of danger REDFLAG
Energy released in nuclear fission ATOMIC
Essential or compulsory REQUIRED
Established religious ceremony RITE
Give up work and go to bed RETIRE
Government or church officer MINISTER
Have an impact on AFFECT
Involving many MULTIPLE
Japanese art of folding paper ORIGAMI
Lay hold of TAKE
Older or higher in rank SENIOR
Order to report for military duty CALLUP
Persuade or incite URGE
Piece of playground equipment SEESAW
Postscripts, supplements ADDENDA
Putting the foot down noisily, angrily STAMPING
Received willingly ACCEPTED
Refrained from doing something DESISTED
Retired but retaining a former title as an honour EMERITUS
Spear of frozen water ICICLE
The act of trying hard EFFORT
Travelled behind or ensued FOLLOWED
Warned or made aware of ALERTED
Widespread outbreak of disease EPIDEMIC

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