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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 12 2018

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Clues Answers
Areas for events, sporting perhaps ARENAS
Bar of gold INGOT
Beliefs, convictions OPINIONS
Call off or invalidate CANCEL
Characterized by intense feeling EMOTIONAL
Come to pass HAPPEN
Conceited, puffed-up VAIN
Dingy attic room GARRET
Distrust, have doubts about SUSPECT
Fill a person with the urge to do something INSPIRE
Having little money and few possessions POOR
In a clearly noticeable manner MARKEDLY
Instrument to track distant objects RADAR
Intense anger RAGE
Irritates, irks ANNOYS
It forms reefs in warm seas CORAL
Large sea wave and a hair-curler ROLLER
Level, degree or magnitude INTENSITY
Clues Answers
Looked at, inspected VIEWED
Magnificent, very impressive SPLENDID
Man-made lake of stored water RESERVOIR
Marine mollusc that damages ships TEREDO
Moisten DAMPEN
Not active or at work IDLE
Person ‘owned’ by another SLAVE
Porous substance to absorb liquid SPONGE
Put money into a bank account DEPOSIT
Reflections of sound waves ECHOES
Requiring less effort EASIER
Saffron-flavoured rice dish PAELLA
Shun, exclude OSTRACISE
Smoothly or impartially EVENLY
Speaks very softly WHISPERS
Talents, aptitudes SKILLS
The least possible MINIMUM
Very strict or serious SEVERE