Irish Times (Simplex) – May 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Belonging to us OURS
Breaks apart SPLITS
Changed the colour of fabric DYED
Coating that acts as an abrasive EMERY
Colourful body of water REDSEA
Counselled or recommended ADVISED
Crafty, cunning SLY
Declare invalid ANNUL
Discernible, manifest EVIDENT
Emphasise STRESS
Epoch, period ERA
Field of grass MEADOW
Fleshy-leaved plants with small star-shaped flowers SEDUMS
Globe, sphere BALL
Go and bring back FETCH
Goes in ENTERS
Greek mythic goddess has an odd Celt ear ELECTRA
Having no function USELESS
Home of the Bolshoi Ballet MOSCOW
Humble, not pretentious or showy MODEST
Imperial measure of 1.61 km MILE
Is plural ARE
It’s for the birds NEST
Knotted two strands TIED
Loose flowing garment ROBE
Mist, fume or smoke VAPOUR
Move the mouth as if saying or singing a recording LIPSYNC
Overlaid with something COVERED
Persuade by threatening COERCE
Recurring sequences of events CYCLES
Regular pay for regular work SALARY
Settings in which a real or imaginary events takes place SCENES
She’s married MRS
Signs of things to come AUGURS
Small room for nun, monk or prisoner CELL
Statue of Freedom LIBERTY
The upper or outer side of anything SURFACE
They’re known as the ships of the desert CAMELS
Three-cornered, hat perhaps TRICORN
Transmit video or audio data as a steady, continuous flow STREAM
Water vessels BOATS
When one celestial body obscures another ECLIPSE

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