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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 13 2019

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Clues Answers
Abstruse, arcane ESOTERIC
Canopies for shelter AWNINGS
Charge for borrowing money INTEREST
Copy, simulate IMITATE
Curious, odd PECULIAR
Delusion, fantasy ILLUSION
Demand forcefully INSIST
Extreme and irrational fear PHOBIA
Furthermore, in addition MOREOVER
Greek god, son of Zeus APOLLO
In the area of AROUND
Josiah …, English potter WEDGWOOD
King, pawns etc. CHESSSET
Large tall chimneys STACKS
Large vases or pots URNS
Loathe, abhor DETEST
Marine mammal SEAL
More limited in duration SHORTER
Official in charge of a prison WARDEN
One settles disputes ARBITER
Origin, root SOURCE
Patient acceptance of misfortune STOICISM
Quit a job RESIGN
Remedy, therapy CURE
River of Egypt NILE
Six-legged creature INSECT
Small axes with short handles HATCHETS
Swivelling or revolving PIVOTING
Testimony in a court EVIDENCE
Whipped creamy dessert MOUSSE
Yellow-brown pigment SIENNA