Irish Times (Simplex) – May 13 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A northerner during the American Civil War YANKEE
Acknowledgment of the truth of something ADMISSION
Active, sporty ATHLETIC
Adverted, brought up REFERRED
Alarmed, fearful AFRAID
Annoy, irritate IRK
Articles or units ITEMS
Barely, hardly SCARCELY
Begrudged, was jealous of ENVIED
Calculate approximately ESTIMATE
Church tables ALTARS
Decline rubbish REFUSE
Each and all EVERYONE
Empty space between, mind it at the train station GAP
Get rid of completely ELIMINATE
Indicated assent NODDED
Instrument for viewing inside body parts ENDOSCOPE
Land for laity, oddly ITALY
Male reproductive cell SPERM
Morrison the man VAN
On a floor above UPSTAIRS
Origin, root SOURCE
Papers used by an ancient writers PAPYRI
People of the Netherlands DUTCH
Prices are lowered for them SALES
Protective garment APRON
Punctuation mark COMMA
Purplish-red moss rich in iodine CARRAGEEN
Relating to the body, not the mind PHYSICAL
Terminating or concluding ENDING
The language of verse POETIC
Thin, absorbent paper TISSUE
Tool for shaping metal or wood LATHE
Two of a kind DUO
Utmost or extreme ULTIMATE
Writing tool PENCIL

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