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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 14 2019

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Clues Answers
Air bridge over to the military officer BRIGADIER
Appalled, dismayed AGHAST
Assorted, miscellaneous SUNDRY
Break free ESCAPE
British-ruled promontory off Spain GIBRALTAR
Carrier for bricks HOD
Church of unity UNITARIAN
Cor! what a fabulous bird ROC
Deduces, concludes INFERS
Disorganised, unpredictable SCATTY
Early counting-frame ABACUS
Fatuous, asinine INANE
Fit of anger TEMPER
Group that forced civilians into the armed forces PRESSGANG
Large heavy antelope GNU
Noisy insect CICADA
Noted Norwegian playwright IBSEN
Over and above EXTRA
Professional care for the hands MANICURE
Quick and nimble AGILE
Reduce concentration of a liquid DILUTE
Regions AREAS
Seed of the cacao tree COCOA
Short digit THUMB
Skilful, expert ADEPT
Slacks off ABATES
Stanza of four lines QUATRAIN
Suitable APT
Tables in churches ALTARS
The buying and selling of goods and services COMMERCE
These old Greeks lived frugally SPARTANS
They believe deities don’t exist ATHEISTS
Travel across TRAVERSE
Tropical American lizard IGUANA
Young hares LEVERETS