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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 15 2018

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Clues Answers
Australian mammal KANGAROO
Closed curve CIRCLE
Conflict, fight BATTLE
Crushed to a pulp MASHED
Dances with recorded popular music DISCOS
Despite the fact that ALTHOUGH
Encore AGAIN
Extinguish, wipe out ERADICATE
Fabric cases stuffed with soft material CUSHIONS
Feeling or showing worry or solicitude CONCERNED
Former French coin of low value SOU
Go away, leave DEPART
Group of people living in a particular local area COMMUNITY
Imitates for satirical effect MIMICS
In Chinese medicine, the life force inherent in all things CHI
Inhabit, take up space OCCUPY
Large bird of prey EAGLE
Lifting machines and wading birds CRANES
Clues Answers
Low-lying wet land MARSH
Meat from a pig HAM
Member of an academic faculty PROFESSOR
Metal-headed golfclubs IRONS
Part of a curve ARC
Positions of seniority RANKS
Protections against weather or harm SHELTERS
Regal, royal MAJESTIC
Seat of a monarch THRONE
Shrewdness, in business perhaps ACUMEN
Sound of any kind NOISE
The funds available to government TREASURY
Travels by pedal power CYCLES
Up to the time of UNTIL
Urgent or carping CRITICAL
Usual, everyday ORDINARY
Visible masses suspended at altitude CLOUDS
Wrath, ire ANGER