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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 15 2019

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Clues Answers
Acquiesced AGREED
Air, atmosphere AURA
Countries with central government STATES
Court decision VERDICT
Form of unarmed combat KARATE
Give up bad old ways REFORM
Good-looking HANDSOME
Has an effect on AFFECTS
Having the least weight LIGHTEST
Horse’s head in chess KNIGHT
Ideas, opinions THOUGHTS
Impartial UNBIASED
Incarcerated person PRISONER
Leisure time away from work VACATION
Level or smooth EVEN
Month named for a Roman emperor AUGUST
Not easy to see or understand UNCLEAR
Occurring many times at short intervals FREQUENT
Official representing a country abroad DIPLOMAT
Production, yield OUTPUT
Put up with ENDURE
Reflecting or pondering MUSING
Shrubs and sweeping brushes BROOMS
Spoke indistinctly in a low voice MUTTERED
Sudden break or burst in a body part RUPTURE
Summer shoe SANDAL
Sweet carbonated drink LEMONADE
Swindling or deceiving CHEATING
The world of plants and animals NATURE
Unusual, uncommon RARE
Utilised USED
Workers skilled in a trade ARTISANS