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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 16 2018

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Clues Answers
Alleviate, appease ASSUAGE
Arctic animal REINDEER
Calculating the sum ADDING
Cut and prepared wood TIMBER
Enormous, mammoth GIGANTIC
Everything that exists UNIVERSE
Female singer SOPRANO
From end to end LENGTH
Gemstones and card suit DIAMONDS
Good enough, acceptable ADEQUATE
Having a common cultural tradition ETHNIC
In the normal way ASUSUAL
Left out OMITTED
Makes a stab at ATTEMPTS
Clues Answers
Medical practitioner DOCTOR
Noise from electrical interference STATIC
Plot, connive CONSPIRE
Precious adornments JEWELS
Press and smooth IRON
Putting a question to ASKING
Sample to be studied SPECIMEN
Sewing loops STITCHES
Sketchy summaries of the main points OUTLINES
Slow-moving slugs SNAILS
Surface for projection of pictures SCREEN
Truthful and trustworthy HONEST
Utter a piercing cry SCREAM
Was dressed in WORE
Water pitcher EWER
Wife of a raja RANI