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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 16 2019

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Clues Answers
Australian mammal KANGAROO
Bands for fingers RINGS
Believe to be guilty SUSPECT
Benevolent KINDLY
Care about the land measure ACRE
Closed curve CIRCLE
Closer at hand NEARER
Defects in computer programs BUGS
Denizen of Delhi, say INDIAN
Equine housing STABLE
Fastener and racing driver BUTTON
Fix, mend REPAIR
Free from dirt CLEAN
Go by, as time does ELAPSE
Involving the mind MENTAL
Iraqi port city BASRA
Is the sea rife with these strange flowers? FREESIA
Licensed medical practitioner PHYSICIAN
Measuring strip TAPE
Odder, more peculiar STRANGER
On one’s feet STANDING
Period of time YEAR
Pleasant odour SCENT
Police baton TRUNCHEON
Priest’s assistant ACOLYTE
Raised the temperature HEATED
Regard, respect ESTEEM
Repeated decorative designs PATTERNS
S/he represents clients in court BARRISTER
Seek, hunt out SEARCH
Smells to high heaven STINKS
Spicy pepper sauce TABASCO
Star-shaped printing characters ASTERISKS
Term of office TENURE
Visual perceptions SIGHTS
Withdraw formally from membership SECEDE