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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 17 2018

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Clues Answers
”And I shall have some … there, for … comes dropping slow” (WB Yeats) PEACE
Amount remaining after all deductions NET
Appropriate or suitable APT
Beautiful endangered tiger of India BENGAL
Concerning the self PERSONAL
Discharging a gun FIRING
Drawback that’s not immediately evident CATCH
Evolves, grows DEVELOPS
Explicit, particular SPECIFIC
Facial hair MOUSTACHE
Five-toed pachyderms ELEPHANTS
Floating leaf of a lily PAD
Framework, outline SKELETON
Functional, handy USEFUL
Globe or ball SPHERE
Lowest, smallest LEAST
Makes something clear EXPLAINS
Military dining rooms MESSES
Clues Answers
Moisture suspended in air VAPOUR
Move silently and secretly CREEP
Naughtiness, devilment MISCHIEF
Objects of worship IDOLS
Official residences of ambassadors EMBASSIES
One is ahead and shows the way LEADER
Period, age ERA
Physical effects of a long flight JETLAG
Regarding as likely to happen EXPECTING
Reveries or cherished aspirations DREAMS
Rough, unrefined COARSE
Shamefaced, embarrassed SHEEPISH
She’s just married BRIDE
Short hosiery SOCKS
State without proof ALLEGE
Sudden overpowering anxiety PANIC
The ability to see VISION
Tiny organisms, good and bad BACTERIA