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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 17 2019

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Clues Answers
Blockings of one celestial body by another ECLIPSES
Bowl-shaped vessels BASINS
Cabbages, cauliflowers etc. BRASSICA
Capital of the Bahamas NASSAU
Changing in form or nature MUTATING
Cold-blooded vertebrates REPTILES
Composition for orchestra and soloist CONCERTO
Container and court proceeding CASE
Epidemic disease with high mortality PLAGUE
Exclamation of misfortune ALAS
Extremely bad, appalling ABYSMAL
Give up work and go to bed RETIRE
Greatly surprised AMAZED
It was Bombay MUMBAI
Malign, ominous SINISTER
Meat stuffed into casing SAUSAGE
Mexican monetary unit PESO
Monarchy on the French Riviera MONACO
Paralysing fear TERROR
Regular payment for work SALARY
Sled for sliding on snow TOBOGGAN
Small beards shaped to a point GOATEES
Strip for planes to take off and land RUNWAY
Strong black coffee ESPRESSO
Study of crops and soil management AGRONOMY
Surrounded by hostile forces BESIEGED
The art of growing dwarfed plants BONSAI
They like talking about people’s private lives GOSSIPS
Treated with excessive indulgence PAMPERED
Two dots over a German vowel UMLAUT
Very eager or curious AGOG
Widespread outbreak of disease EPIDEMIC