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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 19 2018

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Clues Answers
A long fixed look GAZE
A player is shown it for a serious infringement REDCARD
An indulgence rather than a necessity LUXURY
Appreciably cold CHILLY
Between blue and yellow GREEN
Blank space around a text MARGIN
Branch of knowledge dealing with material resources ECONOMICS
Bring to mind RECALL
Centre around which something rotates AXIS
Consequence, outcome EFFECT
Cut down, abridge REDUCE
Decline to accept REFUSE
Denizens of St Petersburg, say RUSSIANS
Female children GIRLS
Fruit and colour ORANGE
Funeral procession CORTEGE
Giving up work RETIRING
In this place HERE
Clues Answers
Incessant, unremitting CEASELESS
Invitees or hotel customers GUESTS
Lends a hand ASSISTS
Light informal meals SNACKS
Local way of speaking ACCENT
Long raised strip RIDGE
Make believe PRETEND
Names of books etc. TITLES
Observe, discern NOTICE
Paralysing weapon TASER
Publicise, promote ADVERTISE
Put a plan into effect EXECUTED
Separate into parts DIVIDE
Stick of wax with a wick CANDLE
The basis for belief or disbelief EVIDENCE
Tiny baby INFANT
To do with the sense of smell OLFACTORY
Write one’s name on SIGN