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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 2 2018

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Clues Answers
”Oh what a … web we weave / when first we practise to deceive” (Walter Scott) TANGLED
Accustomed to something unpleasant INURED
Barbarity, inhumanity ATROCITY
Brandy distilled from cherries KIRSCH
Chair of a monarch THRONE
City of Queensland BRISBANE
Dried-up, shrivelled SERE
Drink to excess TOPE
Felt bitter or indignant about RESENTED
Filled or in use OCCUPIED
Lacking knowledge or awareness IGNORANT
Lands attached to manors DEMESNES
Membrane in the eye RETINA
Norse god of war ODIN
Officiating, at a cricket match say UMPIRING
One sent to represent others DELEGATE
Clues Answers
One thing on a list ITEM
Orderly, logical, consistent COHERENT
Rebuking severely BERATING
Refuse, litter RUBBISH
Science-fiction creatures ALIENS
Set of lessons COURSE
Shaving implements RAZORS
Short, high-pitched sound SQUEAK
Slender structure on some twining plants TENDRIL
Snowstorm BLIZZARD
Stress, tension STRAIN
Support for rider’s foot STIRRUP
Taking people to their seats USHERING
Thick, fatty oil GREASE
Transfers text or design to paper PRINTS
Woodworker and English landscape painter TURNER