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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 2 2019

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Clues Answers
Association of sports teams LEAGUE
Be earlier in time PREDATE
Became aware of REALISED
Careful not to attract attention DISCREET
Changing to suit a new purpose ADAPTING
Combinations of three or more musical notes CHORDS
Crabwise, at an angle SIDEWAYS
Defender, protector GUARDIAN
Excavation for extracting stone or slate QUARRY
Game played in a strange sable lab BASEBALL
Going steady DATING
Greek god of darkness EREBUS
Ideas, opinions THOUGHTS
In good health WELL
Inland body of water LAKE
Jar for water EWER
Long and difficult trip TREK
Maxims, saws ADAGES
Mound due, strangely, to part of the intestine DUODENUM
Oblique allusion INNUENDO
Of the 49th state ALASKAN
Old and valuable item ANTIQUE
Orbiting heavenly body PLANET
Perfect example EPITOME
Popular Chinese fruit LYCHEE
Safe, free from danger SECURE
Soaking, sopping wet DRENCHED
Sources of illumination LIGHTS
Strange, odd PECULIAR
Work history CAREER
Wry, incongruous IRONIC