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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 20 2019

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Clues Answers
Adrian is out on the island SARDINIA
Appear, give the impression SEEM
Belonging to them THEIRS
Bought and sold TRADED
Breathing out EXHALING
Charge with an offence ACCUSE
Confident that one is right SURE
Descriptive word or phrase EPITHET
Disagreement, clash CONFLICT
Expression of great praise or approval ACCOLADE
French castle CHATEAU
Hindered, cramped HAMPERED
Its capital is Yerevan ARMENIA
Large unit of old Roman army LEGION
Male sheep RAMS
More than a few but not many SEVERAL
One pretends to be someone else IMPOSTER
Paid killer ASSASSIN
Pleasure craft YACHTS
Polished to a shine BUFFED
Protective headgear HELMET
Quality that arouses pity PATHOS
Recount, relate RECITE
Sailor’s dance HORNPIPE
Sets of steps in fences STILES
Small island ISLE
Source, derivation ORIGIN
Teeth for gnawing INCISORS
They claim to have extra-sensory perception PSYCHICS
Undiplomatic TACTLESS
Very fine or easily broken DELICATE