Irish Times (Simplex) – May 20 2022 Crossword Solutions

Irish Times (Simplex) – May 20 2022

Clues Answers
Annoy or irritate IRK
Annoy the burrower persistently? BADGER
Arctic ruminant REINDEER
Area for aircraft not in use APRON
Become visible APPEAR
Beginning STARTING
Calculation of the sum ADDITION
Cancer of the blood LEUKAEMIA
Channels of communication MEDIA
Clothing, apparel ATTIRE
Completely out of money BROKE
Decided, determined RESOLVED
Dishevelled, messy UNTIDY
Distress signal SOS
Establishments for travellers HOTELS
Fishes with net dragged through the water at great depths TRAWLS
Grain-cutting tool SCYTHE
Group of countries under one authority EMPIRE
Clues Answers
Member of an academic faculty PROFESSOR
Missed a step and almost fell STUMBLED
Of recognized excellence, music perhaps CLASSICAL
One only SINGLE
Put a plan into effect EXECUTED
Relating to living in groups SOCIAL
Say yes ASSENT
Secret agent SPY
Sewing loop STITCH
Stress, accentuation EMPHASIS
Subdivision of an act SCENE
The same in quantity, status etc. EQUAL
They’re where we live ADDRESSES
Threadlike structures on the body HAIRS
Toothed cutting tool SAW
Undo, unlace UNTIE
Universal CATHOLIC
Ways out EXITS

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