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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 21 2019

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Clues Answers
Beat soundly THRASHED
Becoming less severe EASING
Bird, beast or fish CREATURE
Birds with long legs and necks CRANES
Cause fear FRIGHTEN
Cocktail of gin or vodka and vermouth MARTINI
Evident or seeming to be APPARENT
Excessively abundant RIFE
Family of your spouse INLAWS
Forms something out of malleable material MOULDS
Grasping limb of a crustacean PINCER
Hand tool for taming eyebrows TWEEZERS
Happen to BEFALL
In spite of the fact that ALBEIT
In this place HERE
Large serving dish for soup TUREEN
Lassitude, languor LETHARGY
Last or final in a process ULTIMATE
Loud and harsh STRIDENT
Mean to INTEND
Minute life forms MICROBES
Move out and become visible EMERGE
Old Celtic language ERSE
Performer’s cues PROMPTS
Permits ALLOWS
Reveals, uncovers UNVEILS
Sample to be studied SPECIMEN
Shoulder gun with a long barrel MUSKET
Substance that can produce energy FUEL
They’re skilled in coffee-making BARISTAS
Third-level teacher LECTURER
Worthless material RUBBISH