Irish Times (Simplex) – May 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘The … that men do lives after them’ (Julius Caesar) EVIL
A natural fibre COTTON
An also-ran LOSER
Appearance, facet ASPECT
Brings up, child or subject RAISES
Burrowing animal RABBIT
Comparatively good BETTER
Contribute to a service at regular intervals SUBSCRIBE
Deluges FLOODS
Distilled alcoholic drink SPIRIT
Expressed opposition through action or words PROTESTED
Extent from side to side BREADTH
Give satisfaction PLEASE
Helical shape SPIRAL
Hurting, painful SORE
Left, went away DEPARTED
Margin, extremity EDGE
Meshes to catch fish, say NETS
Mistakes ERRORS
Most offensively curious NOSIEST
Movable partition SCREEN
Not in a position to UNABLE
Outbuildings SHEDS
Paralysing fear TERROR
Pinpoint the position of LOCATE
Portion to represent the whole SAMPLE
Primary social groups FAMILIES
Protection against the possibility of future difficulty SECURITY
Punishment for sin PENANCE
Request the return of a defective product RECALL
Shoulder firearm RIFLE
Street entertainers BUSKERS
Takes one’s ease RESTS
The ability to affect others INFLUENCE
Unreasonably unwilling to change STUBBORN
Utters intention to injure THREATENS

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