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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 22 2018

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Clues Answers
Ancient nation on the Nile EGYPT
Anger, wrath IRE
Annoys continually HARASSES
At a future time LATER
Bowl-shaped vessels BASINS
Contaminate with disease INFECT
Conveyance for passengers to mountain top CABLECAR
Female deer DOE
Give permission ALLOW
Hollow for a ball or plug SOCKET
Inhabit, take up space OCCUPY
It’s added or attached to a larger part APPENDAGE
Lustrous structure in a shell PEARL
Male of refinement GENTLEMAN
Member of a ship’s crew SAILOR
Metal container CAN
Miniature whirlpools EDDIES
More unsightly UGLIER
Clues Answers
New York underground SUBWAY
Noticed or remarked OBSERVED
Old Japanese assassin NINJA
Old-style cooking stove RANGE
One’s individuality IDENTITY
Overcome by superior force OVERWHELM
Quartz with bands of colour AGATE
Shielded from danger PROTECTED
Small edible crustacean SHRIMP
Smoke flues CHIMNEYS
Stopping here is not allowed CLEARWAY
The art of growing dwarfed plants BONSAI
Throw it down to offer a challenge GAUNTLET
Uncooked RAW
Undeveloped but potentially useful FALLOW
Unit of length METRE
Went, came or brought back RETURNED
With dexterity DEFTLY