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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 24 2018

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Clues Answers
Clapping in approval APPLAUSE
Compulsively concerned with something OBSESSED
Create by hammering FORGE
Fake, mock, false PSEUDO
Fastened securely with a pointed piece of metal NAILED
Hydrogen or methane, say GAS
Infrequently SELDOM
Instructions for cooking RECIPE
Long round shape CYLINDER
Male reproductive cell SPERM
Mature, age RIPEN
Member of the clergy PRIEST
Most furious ANGRIEST
On a floor above UPSTAIRS
One hasn’t reached legal majority MINOR
Plead on behalf of another INTERCEDE
Put one’s name to SIGNED
Schedule of proceedings PROGRAMME
Clues Answers
Searches, for concealed weapons or drugs, say FRISKS
Sections, portions SEGMENTS
Smoked herring KIPPER
Software program for a mobile device APP
Spot on, precise EXACT
Standards of perfection IDEALS
Straight edge for drawing lines RULER
Sudden unexpected events SURPRISES
Take to be the case ASSUME
Teasing unpleasantly TAUNTING
The night before EVE
Titles for the former monarchs of Iran SHAHS
To do with the moon LUNAR
Unable to relax or be still RESTLESS
Unit of electricity, in short AMP
Unit of measurement of angles DEGREE
Very hard on the nerves STRESSFUL
Vista, view ASPECT