Irish Times (Simplex) – May 24 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘to suffer the … and arrows of outrageous fortune’ (Hamlet) SLINGS
‘Will ye go …, go’ (folksong) LASSIE
Anaesthetic injected into the spinal cord EPIDURAL
Artist in three-dimensional shapes SCULPTOR
Assert as a right CLAIM
Attempts to convert them? TRIES
Barely, hardly SCARCELY
Bloodsucking insect LOUSE
Chopping tool AXE
Court game TENNIS
Device producing an intense beam of light LASER
Disagreement or conflicts about important issues DISPUTES
Disparaging Australian term for a British person POM
Dramatic prince of Denmark HAMLET
Dying thus, one has left no will INTESTATE
Felt concern or interest CARED
Greek island and type of lettuce COS
Greets the herons strangely EGRETS
Hired killer ASSASSIN
Intended, had in mind MEANT
International car race GRANDPRIX
Justification or motive REASON
Midday meal LUNCH
Money made or paid INTEREST
Monies in return for labour EARNINGS
Parts, pieces, portions SEGMENTS
Plant of arid regions CACTUS
Real, existing ACTUAL
Seated strangely in a demure sort of way SEDATE
Small speckled auk GUILLEMOT
Stand firm and refuse to give in RESIST
Supportive seats ARMCHAIRS
The colour of old photographs SEPIA
US general who became president, in short IKE
Walking in the countryside HIKING

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