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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 28 2018

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Clues Answers
Adult male chickens ROOSTERS
Ailment, disorder ILLNESS
Almost pleasurable sensation of fright THRILL
Building something ERECTING
Chord with notes played in rapid succession ARPEGGIO
Come out into view EMERGE
Covers for opening and closing LIDS
Cut in two BISECT
Display ostentatiously FLAUNT
Don’t make a mountain out of one, they say MOLEHILL
Empty, unoccupied VACANT
Enthusiastically EAGERLY
Epidemic disease with high mortality PLAGUE
Flowers in the eyes IRISES
French cake-like bread BRIOCHE
Give a sudden loud cry YELL

Clues Answers
Gold anniversary FIFTIETH
Grassy plant of wet areas REED
Hallowed, holy SACRED
Located inside INTERNAL
Noiselessly SILENTLY
One from the Greek capital ATHENIAN
Overlooking a fault EXCUSING
Peers, matches EQUALS
Put together all the components ASSEMBLE
Rude and boorish CHURLISH
Speak sotto voce WHISPER
Store of historical objects MUSEUM
Thick, heavy shoe BROGUE
Unit exerted by gravity GFORCE
Upper or outer sides SURFACES
Wheel covering TYRE