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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 29 2018

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Clues Answers
”Success is counted …by those who ne’er succeed” (Emily Dickinson) SWEETEST
Answer to a problem SOLUTION
Asian sub-continent INDIA
Association of people working together on a project SYNDICATE
At no time NEVER
Automaton ROBOT
Bear witness ATTEST
Decompression sickness BENDS
Event, occurrence INCIDENT
Fabric from flax LINEN
Film awards OSCARS
Group of soldiers TROOP
Group of suburban houses ESTATE
If you’re on it, you’re on your own TOD
In the right manner PROPERLY
Inclined, slanted TILTED
Inhabit, take up space OCCUPY
Inhaled and exhaled BREATHED

Clues Answers
Language invented for international use ESPERANTO
Lower digit TOE
Monetary values PRICES
Moves upward slowly CLIMBS
One keeps watch SENTRY
Portion of a circle ARC
Protect against attack DEFEND
Reflections or representations IMAGES
Remains of a prehistoric plant or animal FOSSIL
Resort at a mineral spring SPA
Saclike body organs STOMACHS
Sea duck with soft down EIDER
Send into water or space LAUNCH
Small rodent MOUSE
Tempers be changed by this month SEPTEMBER
Testimony to a court EVIDENCE
Wretched, pitiful MISERABLE