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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 29 2019

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Clues Answers
A gentle wind BREEZE
Attracting iron or steel MAGNETIC
Bad-mannered, discourteous RUDE
Citizen of the US AMERICAN
Disturbed state of mind during a fever DELIRIUM
Expresses opposition DISSENTS
Flashes, sparkles TWINKLES
Former monetary unit of Spain PESETA
From end to end LENGTH
Group of houses or industrial units ESTATE
Huge destructive waves TSUNAMIS
Intangible essence emanating from a person AURA
Irritating, annoying IRKSOME
It’s done after school HOMEWORK
Japanese massage therapy SHIATSU
Job to be done TASK
Long narrow depression GROOVE
Magician of Arthurian legend MERLIN
More cheerless and dull DREARIER
Not qualified in any way ABSOLUTE
Not smooth or flat UNEVEN
Out of the ordinary UNUSUAL
Performer’s cues PROMPTS
Puts the ball in play on court SERVES
Short lace veil MANTILLA
Slide along without control SKID
Spatter liquid around SPRINKLE
Unarmed martial art KUNGFU
Uneasy, unable to relax RESTLESS
Young cattle CALVES
Young men YOUTHS