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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 3 2018

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Clues Answers
”… … burning bright, in the forests of the night” (Blake) TIGER
Beverage from leaves TEA
Breed of white cattle CHAROLAIS
Disappear suddenly VANISH
Fully developed MATURE
Group living under a religious rule ORDER
Guiding, directing the course STEERING
Inbuilt, inherent INTEGRAL
It rises to the top CREAM
Jewelled head ornament TIARA
Knight’s title SIR
Martial arts sash OBI
Member of a company board DIRECTOR
Moving, doing things ACTIVE
Number of related things coming one after another SERIES
Organisation of employees UNION
Clues Answers
Places of worship CHURCHES
Preserve by removing all liquids DESICCATE
Pressure or emphasis STRESS
Protective garment APRON
Retailers of meat BUTCHERS
Ritual suicide by samurai HARAKIRI
Seat for one CHAIR
Seedy, squalid SORDID
Snow vehicle with skis at the front SKIDOO
Soothing or medicinal preparations OINTMENTS
Stretch out over a distance EXTEND
Ten years DECADE
Type of savoury tart QUICHE
Unwell ILL
Violently break into pieces SMASH
Washes and irons LAUNDERS
Weighing machine SCALES