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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 30 2019

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Clues Answers
”Cast a cold … on life, on death” (Yeats) EYE
Administrative region in Switzerland CANTON
Agitating a liquid STIRRING
Appalled, dismayed AGHAST
At a later time AFTER
At no time NEVER
Attire DRESS
Become larger EXPAND
Beseeched BEGGED
Bold and daring AUDACIOUS
Call into question CHALLENGE
Cobbler’s tool AWL
Connive, intrigue SCHEME
Fabric for the floor CARPET
Latin cat found in the ocean ATLANTIC
Long, narrow ditch TRENCH
Maintain firmly INSIST
Makes comprehensible EXPLAINS
Mishaps or chance events ACCIDENTS
Moral transgression SIN
Oral form of communication SPEECH
Petitioner who seeks sales or votes CANVASSER
Physically or mentally weary TIRED
Prevent from deteriorating PRESERVE
Products of creativity ART
Respiratory organs LUNGS
Roof covering of straw or reeds THATCH
Roof space ATTIC
Section of a legal document CLAUSE
Seized and took into custody ARRESTED
Standards on which to base judgements CRITERIA
Surely and regularly STEADILY
The funds of a state TREASURY
Theatrical work DRAMA
Very great fear TERROR