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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 31 2018

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Clues Answers
”Home is the sailor, home from the sea /And the …home from the hill” (R.L Stevenson) HUNTER
”Some achieve …, and some have … thrust upon ’em” (Twelfth Night) GREATNESS
Acquainted with or mindful of AWARE
Careful investigation into a subject RESEARCH
Circular symbols representing the universe in Buddhism MANDALAS
Concerning the whole country NATIONAL
Control for making or breaking connections SWITCH
Deep-fried Indian vegetable dish BHAJI
Discomfort or apprehension UNEASE
Enrol, to vote perhaps REGISTER
Hard lump of mineral matter STONE
Italian appetizers ANTIPASTI
Jurisdiction of a bishop SEE
Lowest, smallest LEAST
Manner or way of doing something STYLE
Officer of the church in charge of sacred objects SACRISTAN
One uses a bow and arrows ARCHER

Clues Answers
Order of business AGENDA
Period, age ERA
Physically powerful STRONG
Posts at the ends of stair rails NEWELS
Second of two LATTER
Shine by rubbing POLISH
Shopping carts TROLLEYS
Small beetle, crop pest WEEVIL
Snow heaped up by wind DRIFT
Subdivision of an act SCENE
Suffering or privation HARDSHIP
Tablets of medicine PILLS
The one that breaks the camel’s back LASTSTRAW
They take a pessimistic view of human goodness CYNICS
To a moderate extent SOMEWHAT
Unit of land measure equal to 100 square metres ARE
Units of sound intensity DECIBELS
Vessel and tax VAT