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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 4 2019

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Clues Answers
Abbreviate, contract ABRIDGE
Arches over roads and railways VIADUCTS
Bowl-shaped strainers COLANDERS
Catastrophe, tragedy DISASTER
Causes fear SCARES
Collect in one place GATHER
Consuming food EATING
Cooking instructions RECIPE
Curled or wound round COILED
Decorate, beautify ADORN
Diminish, lessen DECREASE
Far off in place or time REMOTE
Flag with a slogan BANNER
Gizmo, thingamabob DOODAH
Hammer-based instruments PIANOS
Indicated assent NODDED
Large lemonlike fruit CITRON
Let fall DROP
Literary composition ESSAY
Mark for a slight pause COMMA
Most indolent LAZIEST
No amount at all ZERO
Nominates the strange state MINNESOTA
Norse god of thunder THOR
Overlaid with something COVERED
Person blamed for the wrongdoings or mistakes of others SCAPEGOAT
Person from Sana’a, say YEMENI
Port city of Ukraine ODESSA
Shoulder movement to show indifference SHRUG
Sicilian city PALERMO
Silver and platinum, say METALS
Small metal spike NAIL
Strong and solidly built STURDY
Terminating ENDING
The interaction of organisms with their physical environment ECOSYSTEM