Irish Times (Simplex) – May 4 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘The quality of mercy is not …’ (The Merchant of Venice) STRAINED
A denomination of Islam SHIA
Area of military combat WARZONE
Be dressed in WEAR
Brings up the subject of wage increases RAISES
Cancer or Capricorn TROPIC
Come to a destination ARRIVE
Critique, appraisal REVIEW
Declare to be free from blame ABSOLVE
Elects by ballot VOTES
Elongated appendage of an animal TAIL
Excused, freed from EXEMPTED
Explodes, breaks open BURSTS
Free from error CORRECT
Gained by working EARNED
Go away, leave DEPART
Happened to BEFELL
Having no equal UNIQUE
Imperial land measures ACRES
In different circumstances OTHERWISE
Incidents, occurrences EVENTS
Items of confectionery SWEETS
Lends a hand ASSISTS
Manufacturing plants FACTORIES
Most up-to-the-minute LATEST
One of the most senior managers in a firm DIRECTOR
One time ONCE
Path of a celestial body ORBIT
Primary social groups FAMILIES
Single-storeyed houses BUNGALOWS
Slant letters to the right ITALICISE
Soft flat caps BERETS
The force of a push THRUST
Thick, fatty oil GREASE
This bread is soon forgotten, it’s said EATEN
Unit of temperature DEGREE

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