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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 6 2019

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Clues Answers
Animal fat used in candles TALLOW
At this, one is relaxed EASE
Beliefs, judgments OPINIONS
Briskness, promptness ALACRITY
Coils of yarn SKEINS
Controls movement of a vehicle DRIVES
Disturb, make uneasy UNSETTLE
Fall back into bad health RELAPSE
Goes against OPPOSES
Greeting in a friendly way SALUTING
Introduction to a play or story PROLOGUE
It’s caused by interruption in blood-flow to the brain STROKE
Keen-eyed birds EAGLES
Learning a skill TRAINING
Machine with moving parts ENGINE
Of cattle BOVINE
One bargains on price HAGGLER
Outer bone in the calf FIBULA
Parts, pieces, portions SEGMENTS
Pieces of playground apparatus SWINGS
Plinth, stand PEDESTAL
Putting a question to ASKING
Small brown bird WREN
States firmly ASSERTS
Stop doing something DESIST
Ten years DECADE
Upset or stirred up AGITATED
Water pitcher EWER
Winged god of love EROS
Witty banter REPARTEE
Workplace restaurants CANTEENS