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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 7 2018

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Clues Answers
Attractive in a strong, imposing way HANDSOME
Behind time LATE
Borough of New York City BROOKLYN
Bulbous vegetables ONIONS
Circus athlete ACROBAT
Cloudburst, downpour DELUGE
Constituent ingredients ELEMENTS
Determined the heaviness WEIGHED
Divisions of a written work CHAPTERS
Dropped to the ground FELL
Following stealthily STALKING
Group of small boats FLOTILLA
Having a natural aptitude or skill TALENTED
In addition ASWELL
Clues Answers
In spite of what’s been said and done AFTERALL
Major strait between the Atlantic and Pacific MAGELLAN
Mexican hat SOMBRERO
Moneybags as an obese feline FATCAT
Mythical fire-breathing creature DRAGON
Night birds OWLS
Paper, bedclothes and sailing ropes SHEETS
Plundering during riots LOOTING
Ship’s smokestack FUNNEL
Small streams BROOKS
Smells, pleasant perhaps AROMAS
Spatter with water SPLASH
The rebound of a bullet off a surface RICOCHET
Tiny particle ATOM
Tolkien’s inhabitant of the lands of Middle-earth HOBBIT
Turned to bone OSSIFIED