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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 8 2018

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Clues Answers
”Full … five, thy father lies” (The Tempest) FATHOM
… of mind, the ability to remain calm and act quickly PRESENCE
Artificial waterways CANALS
Complete change of direction ABOUTFACE
Concepts, notions IDEAS
Contests of speed RACES
Decorous, dignified SEEMLY
Deny, prohibit FORBID
Deprive of food STARVE
Dry, as wine SEC
Feline CAT
Freedom from danger SAFETY
Grief, misery WOE
Honourable or of high rank NOBLE
Magnifier of distant objects TELESCOPE
Measuring stick RULER
Metallic element and British bobby COPPER
Move from one place to another TRANSFER
Clues Answers
Natural hot spring GEYSER
North American lift ELEVATOR
Official permission APPROVAL
Once …, twice shy, it’s said BITTEN
One steals clarinets, oddly LARCENIST
Only small parts of them are seen above water ICEBERGS
Previously, before this time FORMERLY
Quit a job RESIGN
Responding ANSWERING
Roof overhangs EAVES
Separated or at a distance APART
Sharp-pointed tip on a stem THORN
To a very great extent HUGELY
Toughness, force STRENGTH
Very seldom RARELY
Without curve or bend STRAIGHT
Woodland fairy ELF
Word of greeting HELLO