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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 8 2019

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Clues Answers
Approximately ABOUT
Awkward, ungainly CLUMSY
British upper house LORDS
Came to be aware REALISED
Celestial body orbiting around another SATELLITE
Character, disposition NATURE
Comic book hero with Robin as a sidekick BATMAN
Each and every ALL
Feline CAT
Final, last ULTIMATE
Having all its parts COMPLETE
Highly-prized possession TREASURE
House or hotel visitors GUESTS
I over poll the English city LIVERPOOL
Importance, worth or usefulness VALUE
In large part MOSTLY
Litter for the wounded STRETCHER
Mechanical devices MOTORS
Medieval brass instruments with clear shrill tone CLARIONS
Might USA run up the planet? URANUS
Of the countryside RURAL
On the inside INNER
Outline drawing SKETCH
Paths between buildings PASSAGES
People of the Netherlands DUTCH
Play a part ACT
Point beyond which one should not go LIMIT
Reach an opinion based on reasoning CONCLUDE
Region around the south pole ANTARCTIC
Scene, view, vista ASPECT
Sculptured likeness STATUE
Sliding window frames SASHES
Terrific, ace SUPER
Tool for weeding HOE