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Irish Times (Simplex) – May 9 2019

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Clues Answers
Bale rat out of Canada ALBERTA
Band of contrasting colour STRIPE
Barriers to keep in or out FENCES
Choose from several SELECT
Cooked by dry heat ROASTED
Cut down, abridge REDUCE
Exact, precise ACCURATE
Expensive unnecessary things LUXURIES
Explicit, exact SPECIFIC
Fastens with a knot TIES
Fossilised, petrified OSSIFIED
Magnificent, very impressive SPLENDID
Money available to borrow CREDIT
Not occupied VACANT
O no, cream turns in an African country CAMEROON
Of different kinds VARIED
Old Celtic language ERSE
One suffers from memory loss AMNESIAC
Plausible glib speeches SPIELS
Positive, certain DEFINITE
Puzzles, riddles ENIGMAS
Reflections or representations IMAGES
Ritual of expelling evil spirits EXORCISM
Rodents RATS
Save from a dangerous situation RESCUE
Simply, nothing more than MERE
Stress, tension STRAIN
Subjects, themes TOPICS
University alumnus GRADUATE
Vast, colossal IMMENSE
You might have them if you’re afraid to proceed COLDFEET