Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 1 2018

Clues Answers
A full supply PLENTY
Abnormal, aberrant ATYPICAL
Badges of office INSIGNIA
Bloodsucking insects LICE
Bony framework SKELETON
Deceptions, illusions TRICKS
Devices with moving parts MACHINES
Funnel-shaped windstorm TORNADO
Furthermore, in addition MOREOVER
Lacking imagination, dull PROSAIC
Laid aside for future use STORED
Large underground chamber CAVERN
Left to choice, not compulsory OPTIONAL
Let bee loose about this insect BEETLE
Lofts, garrets ATTICS
Lover, especially of a married person PARAMOUR
Manage with limited means MAKEDO
Mountain lake TARN
Not far away NEAR
One serves at table WAITER
Outdoor snack PICNIC
Physical disorder AILMENT
Point out, show INDICATE
Predicted FORETOLD
Relating to people living in groups SOCIAL
Responsible for a reprehensible act GUILTY
Small Greek letter and small amount IOTA
Spanish dance and type of jacket BOLERO
Spatter liquid around SPRINKLE
Temple of all the gods PANTHEON
The basis for belief or disbelief EVIDENCE
Warned or aroused to a sense of danger ALERTED

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