Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 10 2018

Clues Answers
At a future time LATER
Belonging to them THEIRS
Beverages from leaves TEAS
Boat used in scooping out mud, etc., from the bottom of a river DREDGER
Bolted, made off ABSCONDED
Closer at hand NEARER
Concerning the sea MARINE
Day of month and year DATE
Enter by force to conquer INVADE
Essential, indispensable NECESSARY
Expelled, booted out EJECTED
Fell back to a previous state REGRESSED
Flamboyant self-assurance PANACHE
Food grain CEREAL
Friendly nations ALLIES
Gain by working EARN
Horse-drawn passenger vehicle CARRIAGE
Impose a penalty PUNISH
Lacked something essential NEEDED
Least difficult EASIEST
Made as clear profit NETTED
Masses of condensed vapour floating high above CLOUDS
Moral depravity EVIL
Of considerable size LARGE
Old name for an Indian city CALCUTTA
Plant with stinging hairs NETTLE
Purloin STEAL
Room at the top ATTIC
Scolding bad-tempered woman TERMAGANT
Small fragments of rock GRAVEL
Small in size or amount LITTLE
Stealing cattle RUSTLING
They look after the personal needs of others SERVANTS
They’re all in your head BRAINS
Time to come FUTURE

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